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Pumpkin Seeds

Growing up I used to love carving pumpkins. My favorite part was actually digging out the icky, gooey guts. I don't particularly like cleaning the seeds however, it just seems like you can never get them clean enough. Eating them however is a whole different story. From sweet to spicy, as well as salty and savory, I've picked my top three recipes to share with you. Let me know what your twist is on this classic Halloween treat! Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 10-15 ... Continue Reading

Pasta with pumpkin sauce, cinnamon sugar pepitas and shaved Parmesan...delish #mycreativetwist #pumpkin

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Pumpkin Sauce Pasta

A delicious blend of pumpkin, cheese and spices makes this dish a perfect option for fall. Not to mention that it's super easy to make. Take your favorite pasta, mine is fussili, and pair it with this rich, flavorful pasta sauce. Topping it with some candied pepitas adds a hint of warm and spicy sweetness, while the parmesan adds a nutty saltiness. A perfect combination! Continue Reading

Homemade Floor Cleaner

Ever wonder what is in the products you clean your floors with? I never put much thought into this myself until I had my daughter. Babies are notorious for putting things in their mouth and my daughter was no exception. She would actually go around licking the floor, and my germaphobe self went to the worst place possible. I went on a mission to start making my own homemade floor cleaner using less harmful ingredients. To my surprise this concoction actually cleaned my floors better and left it ... Continue Reading

Pumpkin Twist

Recently I saw a recipe on BuzzFeed for a pesto pastry that sounded amazing. Since I've been on a pumpkin kick while welcoming fall with open arms, I decided to take this same concept, but make it taste more like pumpkin pie. Who doesn't love pumpkin pie? Oh yes, my brother-in-law doesn't. I know, I'm not sure how it's possible either. This buttery pumpkin pie pastry, topped with crunchy pumpkin seeds can be enjoyed with your morning coffee, as a delectable dessert, or as an any-time-of-day ... Continue Reading

Nutty Apple Oatmeal

I've always had a hard time eating plain oatmeal, so I've had to find ways to add texture and substance to this hearty breakfast. I'm a big fan of anything apples, so combine just a bit of cinnamon, a touch of sweetness, some crunchy almonds, and this delicious twist provides a wholesome and flavorful meal to please everyone in the family! Continue Reading

Rosemary Butternut Squash

I absolutely love butternut squash. Pairing it with one of my favorite fresh herbs, like rosemary, makes this a go-to side dish for many meals. Encased by a slightly crisp outside, this soft, buttery squash just melts in your mouth. Prepare this to go alongside lemon garlic chicken, a juicy steak or even toss some in a salad, this is sure to be a winner! Continue Reading

Sloppy Joes

Some meals are just meant to be messy. Sloppy Joes is definitely one of those, so get out a napkin (or two) and tuck it under your chin. There is nothing like a huge heaping of meat piled generously on a crisp, toasted bun. This messy meal will continue to expand its flavors as it sits. I have to say that there are some things that I really look forward to having as leftovers. Continue Reading

Creamy corn and roasted pepper soup with Greek yogurt and fresh parsley #mycreativetwist #soup #itswhatsfordinner

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Creamy Corn & Roasted Pepper Soup

I'm a fan of grocery stores like Trader Joe's, Sprouts and Whole Foods. As with most things I cook, I find myself having to change things to create my own little concoction. Try Trader Joe's Cream Corn and Roasted Pepper Soup for instance. It is really tasty on it's own, but I can never leave things just as they are. Adding a few things to this, can make dinner seem like it took a lot of effort to prepare. If you're like me, sometimes I find myself in a real pinch for something quick. Here's ... Continue Reading

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

With fall fast approaching, there are a few things that make me happy. It's a time to bring out the boots, scarves, pumpkin lattes and of course comfort foods. Ever since I was a kid, I couldn't resist what I consider the most classic comfort food, grilled cheese. That ooey gooey melted cheese surrounded by delicious, buttery crunchy bread. Who can resist that? Today, I'm taking this comfort food and creating something that has changed this classic sandwich for me forever. By combing ... Continue Reading