2 posts from month 04/2016

Waiting For My Rainbow Baby

I even tested three times over the next week or so, just to make sure. My first few signs of pregnancy were pretty common; starting with nausea, extreme fatigue and crankiness. Bless my poor husband as I know I can be a handful. I decided to download a pregnancy app, so I could start charting the details early and keep track of our progress. After plugging away all of my pregnancy updates, I looked into some of the discussion boards and noticed many ladies mentioning the term ‘rainbow ... Continue Reading


So I’m having one of those days where my toddler is being, well, a toddler. I try to put her in the gym daycare and she throws a fit. I get twenty minutes into my workout and get called through the intercom to come to the childcare room. Vivian is having a rough day it seems. Then while trying to put her down for her nap she is being extremely fussy, kicking and crying. By this point, I’m trying hard not to lose it. I decide to stop the routine and feed her an early lunch. Now, repeat the ... Continue Reading