Pasta with pumpkin sauce, cinnamon sugar pepitas and shaved Parmesan...delish #mycreativetwist #pumpkin

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Pumpkin Sauce Pasta

A delicious blend of pumpkin, cheese and spices makes this dish a perfect option for fall. Not to mention that it's super easy to make. Take your favorite pasta, mine is fussili, and pair it with this rich, flavorful pasta sauce. Topping it with some candied pepitas adds a hint of warm and spicy sweetness, while the parmesan adds a nutty saltiness. A perfect combination! Continue Reading

Creamy corn and roasted pepper soup with Greek yogurt and fresh parsley #mycreativetwist #soup #itswhatsfordinner

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Creamy Corn & Roasted Pepper Soup

I'm a fan of grocery stores like Trader Joe's, Sprouts and Whole Foods. As with most things I cook, I find myself having to change things to create my own little concoction. Try Trader Joe's Cream Corn and Roasted Pepper Soup for instance. It is really tasty on it's own, but I can never leave things just as they are. Adding a few things to this, can make dinner seem like it took a lot of effort to prepare. If you're like me, sometimes I find myself in a real pinch for something quick. Here's ... Continue Reading