So I’m having one of those days where my toddler is being, well, a toddler. I try to put her in the gym daycare and she throws a fit. I get twenty minutes into my workout and get called through the intercom to come to the childcare room. Vivian is having a rough day it seems. Then while trying to put her down for her nap she is being extremely fussy, kicking and crying. By this point, I’m trying hard not to lose it. I decide to stop the routine and feed her an early lunch. Now, repeat the earlier naptime routine…still kicking and crying.

I can feel the irritation building within me. As I’m singing our usual lullabies, they only intensify her tantrum. Then I change it up and begin to sing Amazing Grace. Of course I can’t remember the lyrics, only the chorus, so I make them up. I sing about our Lord and how without him, I wouldn’t have my daughter. About how grateful I am to him and for his son Jesus, for without Jesus I would fall to my knees in sin.

As I am singing, my daughter calms down and lays her head on my shoulder. I could only sing for a few minutes before I am so overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude I choke up. Not gratitude for my daughter calming down, but gratitude for God; for his presence in my life; for the moment with my daughter, in her time of need; for the words that created my version of Amazing Grace; for knowing he is there for me, showing me how to have gratitude over everything else.

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